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dear community,

i like you lots, but it bothers me that you have "the venitian's wife" on your interests list. it's spelled "venetian".

hugs and kisses,
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dear person,

I'm sorry. I have so much in my head I don't check
all that often to see if everything I spell
is right.

I will change it, though. :)

the last time this happened,
they called me stupid, and unread.
So thanks for not being mean about it.


the Maintainer

ps unless you were being sarcastic,
then i will have to hit you with a fish :)

haha, no worries. i'm an uncontrollable grammar/spelling police officer, but i try to be nice about it - because i generally remember that most other people have more important things to worry about.

thanks for changing it! now we nerds can rest peacefully!
i don't mind like that. it was my other community that made me mad because the guy was bitching over how I spelled an artist's first name, and called me unintelligent and unread and such. I just am more of a writer than an ediot, unfortunetly. My spelling and grammer sometimes stink, but I suppose that's what you guys are for. ;)

But then he spelled a word wrong and someone correct him. muhahaha :D

yay for nerd sleeping peacefully!
Er nerds. haha. see? ;)
1. awesome icon.

2. haha. i love when people are jerks about something and then they're wrong.